Special Occasions Breakdown

Special Occasions Breakdown

Congratulations, you have the normal Parenting schedules in and outs sorted. You know the normal schedule off by heart and you feel you are rocking this Co-parenting thing!

That is until the school holidays come along and you read and re-read your orders and still you and your Co-parent can't agree on what the schedule is. 

Custody Calendars Special Occasion Breakdown is perfect for you. We provide a fair interpretation for you both. We cover all of the non normal schedule clauses, outline handover location and even the parent responsible for dropoff/pickup.

This allows you (and your co-parent) the opportunity to put your feet up, relax and enjoy your children knowing that you have your schedule sorted for the year!
  • Client Intake Form

    On completion of purchase, Client Intake Form will be made avalible  Return this form along with your Parenting Orders to receive your purchase.

  • Additional Options

    Additional calendars and enrolments can be purchased at an additional cost as well as an option to have reminders sent for all handovers, not just special occasions.  Please contact us prior to purchase admin@custodycalendar.com.au