Pandemic Solution - Make up time

Pandemic Solution - Make up time

Nothing quite like a Pandemic to confuse an already confusing situation. 

Our Pandemic Solution is the perfect way to keep track of any missed out time with your child due to keeping them safe and only in the one house. 

Based on our Special Occasions Breakdown- this easy to understand solution is the perfect way to keep both houses on board with the make up time agreed.

How does it work?? Once you have purchased from our website, email us with all the dates agreed so far and continue to forward the details as you agree with your co-parent.  At the end of the pandemic you will receive all the details listed in our easy to understand breakdown ready for life to go back to normal.
  • Client Intake Form

    On completion of purchase, Client Intake Form will be made avalible  Return this form along with your Parenting Orders to receive your purchase.

  • Additional Options

    Additional calendars and enrolments can be purchased at an additional cost as well as an option to have reminders sent for all handovers, not just special occasions.  Please contact us prior to purchase