Things my husband now knows - working from home edition

With school on hold, and all non essential travel restricted, my husband is one of the lucky few to be able to work from home. Due to various colds and vomiting bugs, this is week 5 of BamBam and Bee's forced isolation and JJ's first week off school. To say the natives are getting a tad restless is an understatement and now adding in a transition to working from home, we are bound to experience some learning curves. I thought this would be a good chance to record some of these realisations. So here it is. Things my husband now knows- the working from home edition.

  • That during the 1st (And important) morning video call with his entire team = mayhem. This is where breathing near each other is suddenly a problem, fights will break out over who gets to sit at what position at the table and a glance in each other's direction is considered an act of war. Think about that video of the newspresenter working from home where his wife comes in and physically removes the kids from the background, not quite that extreme..... yet. (If you haven't yet see it here it is and it is 100% relatable right now)

  • That he has completely set me up!! The kitchen belongs to my husband over the weekend. It is his domain (or cafe as he calls it). Having every order or request for delicious meals, drinks and snacks actioned has 100% given these kids unrealistic expectations on what to expect from #cafemum during the week. Comments have been made over the lack of choice and quality along with the snacks restrictions. (This mum does not want a weeks worth of snacks eaten in one day as a visit to the shops is about as appealing as licking a goat right about now). Yes, I too am spoilt completely over the weekend but it is definitely more noticeable with dad still in the house, they do not get given a menu from me.

  • That isn't as simple to hang out a load of washing anymore. Between Bee removing the pegs as fast as I can pin them, to BamBam's unique hanging style, hanging washing can either be super quick or turn into mayhem quite quickly. While he is trying to be helpful presetting a load to go off, announcing it is ready and then disappearing into his makeshift office for the above mentioned video call where he needs silence from the kids has completely set me up for failure. He can either have the washing hung up immediately or silence from the kids. We all know the second I look away they are gonna restart the epic pillow fight of 2020 and there is nooo way that is silent. 😂😂😂

  • That listening to his boys play, laugh make memories and love on each other but staying away secluded to work is super hard. Yes he can look thru thru the window and see them kick a ball around outside or play 'rug island' (@blueytv) which is super cute, but wanting to join in the fun while needing to continue to work is hard.

  • And finally, nothing wears out the kids faster then moving 1 tonne of rock.

While we laugh, joke about and generally make fun of the situation we find ourselves in, we understand the serious side too. The kids are missing their friend's teachers and extended family and having the ability to move around in the world a little bit more.

But right now, we are just grateful that we are safe and together. How is isolation treating you? How is working from home (or even schooling from home) treating you?

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