Time to start Planning - Coronavirus 2020

At the moment, my Facebook and Instagram feed are full of concerned parents wondering what will happen as more and more people are diagnosed and controls are put into place to control the spread. It is an uncertain time, and while we laugh at the hoarding of toilet paper, it is understandable to be concerned especially when it comes to the ones we care about the most.

In a #blended situation my concern is greater than dunny paper. There is an added risk of sharing with a child who lives in two households and add into that the often strained dynamics that come along with parents that are no longer together 😬 and what should be a simple conversation can become a difficult one.

The practical organised person in me wants to map out every detail.

  • What happens if the other household gets it

  • What happens if our school closes down temporarily

  • What happens if my husband's workplace closes down temporarily

  • What happens if my husband or one of the kids get it

  • What happens if I get it

But I know it is not possible to plan every aspect, especially when unknown factors (or decisions are put into play).

So here is what I am doing:

  • Not panicking. If I am panicking then my children will panic too, if I am calm (at least in front of them) they will remain calm

  • Practicing hand washing and teaching our children (super important when toilet training our almost 3 year old.)

  • Staying out of crowds. I have never been so grateful that my clubbing days are over

  • Increasing our fruit and vegetable intake (sometimes hidden sometimes not)

  • Staying out of hospitals and utilising my local GP/Home doctor if needed instead (saving this space for emergencies only)

  • Planning to spend more time around home, and away from crowds (board games at the ready, armed with a let's do around the house list including things I wouldn't normally encourage but will allow during stir crazy moments

  • Turning off the radio/changing the channel. As the adult I have many ways of getting information without my children constantly being bombarded with the doom and gloom

  • Make logical decisions. It is a time to be smart and make practical decisions and not let panic rule every choice

  • Take into account the advice from WHO (World Health Organization) & QLD Health. Not only do they have access to more information then I do, but they also know how to handle things better than I do.

So tell me, how are you going? Are you stressing out or taking things in your stride? What are your plans if you need to be isolated?

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