January = Back to School Prep and Confusion

January, a fresh start to the year, new beginnings, resolutions to do better, be better, eat better and exercise better and also a whole lot of #Backtoschool prep.

School shopping, book contacting, stationary labeling, organizing class room drop off is one of the behind the scenes things that gets our kids fresh and ready for a new year. Chaotic enough before you add in the dynamics of a separated family where costs may be split (or not), one parent organised everything or the workload is shared between the two households, sometimes it is the grandparents or other carer givers that get involved. January sees the return to work for a lot of parents and with that time restraints on what can realistically be accomplished within one week.

So what does that mean for you and your family? What does that look like? Is this something that you can clearly discuss or is it another area of frustration and confusion? Is it last min runs to the shops to select from the limited school shoes left in store or can an agreement be made ahead of time? Mad dashes across town after school has started to hire a instrument as a miscommunication occurred over who was to organise?

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