Who am I? - The Face behind #Custodycalendar 

My name is Rachael and I am the brains behind Custody Calendar. It is my newest baby, my creative outlet and chance to organise (& stay on top of) my family and their commitments and schedules.

Some random facts to get to know me a little better:

😁I am queen of the mum bun. I rock it pretty much daily, so much so, that BamBam tells me my hair is wrong when I wear it down.

🎁I am a self reformed stationary crazy lady. Only reformed due to lack of time really. 3 boys, a household, husband and puppy dog keeps me a little bit busy and away from my favorite stationary stores (much to my bank accounts & husband's relief). I am also a little bit too into wrapping gifts.... I have a box.... of ribbons and bows 🤣.

👦👦👦Speaking of my boys, JJ is 10 and is the reason for creating my calendars. Watching the anxiety over not knowing his schedule disappear (almost over night), convinced me that other families would 100% benefit from this too. Watching him with his brothers makes my heart dance. BamBam is 2 and Bee has just turned 1 (in what seems to have been the fastest year of my life) and they idolize their older brother. The reason I create family planner style calendars is to help keep track of play dates and school dates as they grow up and have their own schedules. Having the ability to plan 5 schedules was very important to me. Especially with any business commitments my husband may have, along with sport training (& games) and school pick ups and drop offs.

🎄My husband of 5 years is determined to make me into a Christmas fan. I may have been called a grinch once or twice in my life, which is funny considering how much he loves this time of year. Seriously, our house is seriously bright over this period and we now enlist a team to decorate outside. Makes a good excuse to have a catchup with our friends and their families and is it is always interesting to see which children can be in attendance due to their parenting schedules too.

🎙I am a singer. Not on the radio or on a stage but singing tends to be a huge part of my life. I see it in my kids when they are happy, when they sing in the car or to comfort and distract or even sing the 'packaway' toy song at me as I clean up the toys they refuse to pick up too.

Most of all, I am like you. A parent trying to work out this life thing, trying to get through the moments that make you want to tear out your hair, burst with Pride at all of the rest, deal with another household and all that comes along with that, a mother, a wife, a stepmother, business creator and just a person trying to add a little bit of kindness into this world.

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