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Updated: Mar 11, 2020

I once had the school call me over the loud speaker before parade as they need me to come to the office and were unable to call me as they no longer had my phone number. My number had been provided by my husband as an emergency contact for my stepson, however an alternate contact list had since been provided removing me from this list, whilst also seemingly removing my husbands contact information. Yep this happens.

In an age when almost every other kid comes from a 'broken' home, schools still find it difficult to accommodate two household children. Something that was explained to me as I waddled my almost 9 month pregnant butt into their office frustrated and confused and quite frankly, #overit.

When a child is enrolled into a school, paperwork completed and contact information given, one would assume that other then double checking the information hasn't changed since last year starting the school year off should be easy peasy. Except for some reason it's not. The school system appears to struggle with the idea that kids may live in two different locations, 🤷‍♀️ and other than requesting a copy of the Parenting Orders, seem unwilling to accommodate.

Every year it's an update of contact phone numbers that seem to be a digit or so wrong or email address that appear to be missing letters too. New teachers and sports teachers and music teacher contacts l, the list to double check seems endless. Whats worse, is that they also request the parent to appear in person, during school hours to rectify the mistake, something that can be difficult to arrange at last minute when you are employed full time.

So how do we counteract this? What do we do? What do you do?

1. We send everything to the school by email. This provides a trail showing that they have been provided with the contact details from a working email address. It also makes it super easy to forward once the details go missing.

2. We meet the teachers AND give contact details there also

3. Check in with co-parent. If we receive something, we flick it thru to the other parent on the off chance they are experiencing similar issues. If we are expecting to see a note or form, we check if they have seen yet so hopefully they can flick it over too.

4. Social media. Does the school have a Facebook group or parents page? This is great for finding out last min details.

It will be interesting next year, when high school brings a new school and new challenges along with it. I am tying to be optimistic that with a new school, and increased maturity and responsibility that this may not be as difficult, One can dream right.

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