About Custody Calendar

A few years ago, I went looking for something easier. We had Parenting Orders through court outlining custody but this didn't automatically make things easier. Unfortunately, this was no magic wand that allowed a clear understanding of who, when and where. Even though custody was agreed by both parents, it was in lawyer speak making it difficult for both parents to interpret what they had agreed.  So, I went looking for a service that would interpret for us and suit our needs.  Each calendar app or program I found required me to input the information myself when what we really needed was an impartial third party to interpret our orders and hand us an easy to read calendar. We needed something so easy that even a child could understand. Something we could put on the wall saving us hours of back and forth 'checking' the other parent was on the same page, reassuring the children that the adults had it in hand and they could now plan their time accordingly.  Because at the end of the day, it is their time and their life that is most impacted.
From this, Custody Calendar was born with the aim of making the lives of separated families easier, of taking away some of the conflict and to allow time and energy to be focused on the moments that matter. 



How does it work?

Once you complete your purchase, a client intake form will be sent to you.  Complete this form and send along with your Parenting Order (if applicable) to admin@custodycalendar.com.au.

Once we receive these items we will work our magic.

When we have created your calendar we will then send it to you for review.  This allows you to check all your special occasions are included. 

With your permission, we will also contact and send to your Co-Parent.  Allowing the other parent to be involved, often pre-identifies any issues you may come across during the 12 month period.  Where an issue is identified, we will touch base with you to discuss how to proceed.  As our client, you of course get final say.


On receipt of the completed client intake form and relevant parenting orders, Custody Calendar will endeavor to have the draft breakdown returned to you within 7 business days.  14 business days will be allowed for other parent contact and sign off.  If no response, client will be notified, and final breakdown issued.

Where a physical product is ordered, tracking details will be provided.

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Contacting the other parent

Whilst Custody Calendar will make attempts to contact the other parent (on request by the client), Custody Calendar issues no guarantee that the other parent will respond, agree or adhere to the products provided.  Client has ultimate say on dates shown after draft has been produced. 

We find it works best when both parents have an opportunity to be involved and contact by a third party can often be less confronting.  That said, we understand the many frustrations separated families often experience and will only contact the other Parent with our clients permission. 

While we can issue no guarantee that the other parent, will respond, agree or adhere to the products purchased. 

We can however show that an agreement was attempted on our client’s behalf. 

Our calendars have been proven successful with the use by only one parent.  As the calendars are created from your Parenting Orders, they can be utilised by one or both households.  Having one parent understand where the children should be helps to keep the ther parent on schedule too.




Sarah C

The 'Special Occasions Breakdown' has made holiday planning so much easier.  With busy schedule I never had the time to sit down and do it myself