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Custody Calendar

Helping separated families to understand their Parent Orders

Custody Calendar understand that Parents want as much time with their children as possible.  Parenting schedules is an emotional area.  Often, at great expense, parents have Parenting Orders created, approved by court and are still left with great frustration when a misunderstanding occurs. 

As an independent 3rd party, we remove the emotion over understanding the orders, without the parental bias we are able to focus solely on what the Orders outline. 

Your Calendar is created to your Parenting Orders, special occasions, public and school holidays and clearly outlines each clause allowing both households to identify where their children should be. 

Where greater clarity is required, our text message reminder system can send both Parents a text message reminder, preventing any misunderstanding from occurring before the handover date allowing both households the ability to plan their time together.

Our Blended families calendar caters for families where either or both Parents bring children into the relationship. 

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Our Wall Calendar provides Separated Parents freedom in knowing when and where their child should be without needing to look at the Parenting Orders while providing less conflict with the other parent. 

Our Calendar provides the ability to plan in advance:
• Day to day
• Birthdays
• Holiday Periods
• Vacations
• Special Occasions 

As this information is pre-entered into this calendar prior to printing, any changes to the schedule becomes a discussion point with your Co-Parent, preventing any surprise changes.

Our calendars not only provide clarity for Both Parents and your Child over your child schedule, but also creates a record of your time with your children.


Children benefit from feeling safe, secure and loved.   Knowing where they should be while knowing the other parent is on board (and not going to fight about the Parenting Schedule), allows them the freedom to have a childhood free from the burden of acting as a go between, secure in the knowledge they can make plans in advance as they (and their parents) know where they will be.


Multiple children and multiple parenting orders can be accommodated.  Our calendars are perfect to keep track of  multiple schedules.  Our his, hers and ours calendars help couples that both bring children into the relationship easily keep track of both Parenting Schedules and allows the children of both parents see where they will be.


At Custody Calendar, we believe life is easier to understand when mapped out for all to see.  Looking for a calendar option that we don't yet offer?  Let us know how we can help.




Sarah C

The 'Special Occasions Breakdown' has made holiday planning so much easier.  With busy schedule I never had the time to sit down and do it myself